What do you do when you have bad luck with guys?

What do you do when every time you try to go after a guy you like, it just never seems to work? Every guy leaves me and tells me they never loved me, and its like I don't even date enough to understand it. Even trying to be friends with someone after a year without talking burns me.
What would you suggest to do? Im pretty reserved about it.


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  • not enough detail is given, i would like to know how you socialize with people, what you say and do, what you think your faults are? what do people say bad about you? etc. then we can go from there, you message it if you want.

  • Im kind of in the same situation and im 20 too! I've gone on some dates within the past 4 months with a couple of different girls but i can't seem to make a girl stay. Try to look at it in a positive way though! You can just better improve on yourself and the guys that let you down just aren't for you! Are you in college? If so, I would just focus on that

    • I suppose you're right. It's just not a good feeling overall. Would just be nice to have someone sometimes ya know? Like friend or significant other. and yes I'm in college Haha

    • Nah its all good! You have some friends that you can chill with! You should also get involved in a club or two

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