I was just told "I love you"... Kinda?

Boyfriend of about a month sends me an encoded message. He does this every now and then, but he usually sends along a key. But with this one he says that it's impossible to decode and that I'll never know what it says without his help. He'll help me decode it when the time is right.

But, since my decoding skillz were underestimated, a day later I break the code... And, to my surprise, it says, "I love you."
Which is maybe the sweetest, nerdiest, way I've been told this. But I don't know how to feel. I've only been with this guy for a month. We haven't kissed yet. In fact, he's never kissed anyone. And this is only the second time I've dated. I don't know if I'm in love with him.
I don't know what to say...

Should I let him know I broke the code? It probably wasn't meant to be broken by me. And if he was ok with me breaking the code... I really wouldn't know what to say. Because he might expect an "I love you" and I don't know if I can give one.

Guys, if your girlfriend who you just told you loved told you she didn't know if she loved you or not, how would you feel?
Girls, how do you know when you love someone?


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  • He didn't intend for you to read it yet so I would calm down. Guys usualy fall in love faster than girls, so it's ok if you don't love him. But you should ask youself if you could fall in love with him. And if you want to let him know you think you broke the code, then do so just let him know that you like him but don't know if you love him yet. He will be butt hurt as everyone is when they find out the person they like doesn't like them back to the same degree.


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  • "Should I let him know I broke the code?"



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