How to know if he likes me or just in it for flirt and sex?

Okay so I met him at a party, and the first time we met we ended up talking a bit then make out and he asked me to go home with him but i politely decline. So I went to a party again last night and I saw him, and well we said hi and hug. And he remembers the little details that I told him last week, like what am i studying and what we did last week. He started saying that he just got back from doing some work and stuff without me asking. And he like asked me to try his drinks twice on the same straw. He also compliment me on my hair (I change my hair colour), my dress and he started to joke that he like this Thai girl with braces (me lol) and well thought he was just joking cause he drank quite a bit. We started talking and he suddenly ask me how long have i been single and what happen, also he tends to put his hands on my shoulder and waist a lot, and we talked a lot of personal stuff.

And he started saying that he should go and say hi to his friends too since it would be rude since he came with them and I was like alright since I came with my sis and all. After 20 minutes he came back we talked jokes and he tease me and stuff like that then he said he has to go again the very same reason, I was like uh sure just go and he promised to come back. But I ended up leaving before he came and I saw him walking to the party (I was in the car.)

I kinda like him since he's sweet and all, but it seems like he doesn't like me and only wants me for sex? I don't know..


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  • He is flirting and he asked you back to his place that quickly, he's after the sex, that's why he is flirting. You declined and made it a challenge so he'll keep trying to charm you until he gets it.

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