He likes me but acts weird sometimes?

I'm pretty sure the guy I work with likes me, everything he does points to it. Sometimes he will say rude things though. We flirt all the time and the other day he jokingly said "just leave me alone" while laughing which pissed me off. I've also given him opportunities to touch me, flirt more, and he doesn't step it up. On the other hand he's always flirty, he'll text me sometimes (the other night it was at 3am.. and it wasn't even sexual or anything), he does basically everything a guy would do who likes you EXCEPT ask me out and make a move.

I broke up with my ex a month back so Im not sure if he knows that yet but I've been really clear lately. does he like me or not? that's all i want to know.

i dont want to be embarrasing myself!


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  • It depends on what "really clear" is. Did you explicitly say you broke up with your boyfriend? Also the workplace can be a little iffy at times subtle hints can be used but they won't work because your less open to romance in a professional environment. Don't worry about his just leave me alone joke. I would suggest stating in some way (doesn't have to be super obvious) that you're single. Drop heavy hints, set him up to ask you out if you want that.


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