Went on a date... is there a "three day window"?

At the end of this date (Tuesday night) the guy asked me if he could join me on Thursday morning (today) for my workout. I said sure! Wednesday morning I texted him, (normally I initiate conversation in the morning and he does at night). He answered my text and then I never heard from him last night, like I normally do. Also, my workout this morning, he did not attend. I texted him last night cause I knew he was working nights. I said, "Hey! Just wanted to see if you still wanted to come workout in the morning, cause if not, I'm gonna sleep in." He didn't read that message until 5:49 AM. And he never answered it.

But, now I'm being told about this "three day window" where after the first date, a guy may wait about three days because he doesn't want to seem too eager. He'll especially wait if he has children (this guy has one daughter), because he's now taking into account how you would be around his child.

I've never heard about a three day window. Is this true? Because I just don't see if he really wasn't interested, why would he have asked me at the end of the date if he could come workout? Wouldn't he have wanted to book it and never look back if he wasn't interested?


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  • Whoah, a guy with a daughter?

    Are your options that limited?

    3 day window, however many day window whatever stupid crap shit tests that people throw, if you don't know the person, you're only going to throw shit tests and 'ASSUME' stuff about the person based on 'assumptions'.

    There are 'pickup' artists that 'recommend' this garbage. Hang around long enough and you'll learn really fast that such 'tactics' are reserved for people who 'don't get it'.

    Rules are meant for people who don't know how to behave in a proper relationship. It keeps them safe from doing stupid stuff. But keeping a rule for the rule's sake = doing stupid stuff, totally contrary to it's intent.

    Now your question about 'is there a three day window?'. The answer is - NO.

    There is no window. A guy who gets relationships will hold out on responding too fast if he believes it is better for you to calm down a little. He doesn't want to just let you ride on the emotional train (because guys who get it also understand that when things progress unrealistically, they crash pointlessly).

    However, in this guy's case. He could very well be 'playing games'.

    Pointless trying to figure that out though, better to find out more about who he is and what his beliefs are that to figure out his actions.

    In the real world, relationships built on manipulation, deceit, and lies never work out in the long run. The subconscious cues and reactions always 'betray' the person's inner beliefs.

    You'll get a sense of "something is wrong", and if that curiosity is not resolve (because of lack of communication), shit will happen.

    Whatever his actions are, don't bother focusing on the 'three day window' crap. If he does it, he's an idiot at relationships. If he did it for another reason, like tired, etc, then that's perfectly acceptable.

    But you wouldn't know without knowing him first, so no point assuming anything.


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  • you're hearing about the 3 day rule now? shit. lol. the 3 day rule applies for a guy hitting you up first, if you initiate first then it hardly matters unless he has his reasons. the 3 day rule is there so that the guy has time to make sure he doesn't say any stupid shit that comes out of his mouth, he won't say anything he regrets. waiting 3 days will clear his mind from all of the cute/lame/desperate things he wants to say to you from day 1. you know how when you sometimes send a text and then realize after you hit send it was so fucking lame, 3 day rule is our insurance policy.

    • Ok so do you think he's interested or not? Lol and what do I need to do from here?

    • I don't know he has a kid so I assume he's a pretty busy guy. you should probably give him the benefit of the doubt this time and continue spending time to see where things go.

  • Because he asked to attend your work out, I'd say he is interested. What ptobably happened is that he got caught up with some stuff and by the time he read your text, it was pretty well to late for him. That three day window thing makes sense but I don't think it means guys always wait three days. You should try and contact him again in case he thinks he screw up things between you

  • There is no 3 day rule once you text someone so he's not doing things right

  • I hate all this psychology theory... if you like him just see him again whenever simple

  • The 3 day window is not just true, it's practically a requirement for men of a certain age.

    • So what needs to happen on my end at this point?

    • Anything you want. Most girls do nothing and let the guy make all the decisions and what not.

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  • He has no manners for not letting you know. I'd day he's either 'busy' or just plain ignorant and couldn't let you down gently.

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