How to fix self esteem over a guy?

heyy this is probably going to sound stupid but I'm new to the dating game !

I've been dating this guy for a little over a month now, things are going really well. he's really affectionate and loving but i think he wants to take it slow, i heard from a close friend of mine that he was dating a few other girls but stopped it just to be with me, but he's very very good looking and i worry that he's going to find some better looking girl. he spends a lot of time with his guy friends but I'm pretty sure there are no girls there. he texts me every day ! but its often very vague..

what can i do to stop freaking out, I'm usually a really laid back person and to worry about if this guy likes me is seriously annoying ! i like him very much.

sorry if this sounds stupid, haha xx


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  • LOL the most important lie a woman will say to a man is "yeah, sure, you can go hang out with your buddies without me". You see it as "oh it's just a little white lie" but we see it as, OK well, if you're going to lie about that sort of thing, what other things are you lying about and or will the lies get bigger?

    The only way to get over self image is to believe that he's with you for you. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be with you. Hell he broke it off with other women FOR YOU!

    • yea thats true and your right !
      I'm just a naturally laid back confident person and to feel this insecure, it just really pisses me off haha

    • Well then I'd think you were just looking for compliments, fishing

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