Date plan, abort or continue?

She is a classmate. We've known each other for 3 weeks only. She agreed to go out on a date (not just hang out) this weekend. She is quite popular with guys but I've had some good interactions with her. However, sometimes she replies message quick and enjoyed my company, but other times very different. I did the same to her because when I am busy I tend to forget my phone. Also sometimes I need to socialise with other people as well, so I don't talk to her even when we go to the same class. Our interaction is characterised by hot and cold I would say. Now just 2 days ahead of the planned date, she has not told me to drop the plan, but we are again in cold interaction (perhaps because I did not answer her message the day before). I started to feel maybe this is not going down well. Now I am not sure what to do. Should I just call it off and give it up all together?

Side question: she told me she was late for class today because she "was at a friend's place", I did not ask for more detail. What do you think? Some suggest not asking more questions is a bit cold, as if I do not care. I wanted to know more of course, but I just feel like it was a pointless question.


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  • Wait for the date and see what happens

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