My boyfriend still talks to his ex... should I be worried?

My boyfriend that I've been dating for about two months now still talks to his ex. They are in the same friend group so they see each other all the time and talk in a group Facebook chat everyday with the group of friends. They were still talking and messing around when me & him first started talking but he said he realized he liked me more so he chose me. I told him that I was still okay with them being friends but I was uncomfortable with them talking one on one and hanging out one on one and he told her that I wasn't comfortable with that and she said that she was okay with that and so did he. He's even took me around her and held my hand and kissed me in front of her. And he let's me look at his phone and says he would never cheat on me. Should I still be worried that there might still be some feelings for her or that he might even cheat even though he swears he wouldn't?


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  • If he's committed to being with YOU, then chances are, he'll only be in your bed. It's not unusual to remain friends with an ex - there was a strong attraction at one point, so there's clearly common ground. It sounds like he's making it very clear that he's interested in you, tho, so I wouldn't worry.

    A good way to look at it is "is he giving me the attention and time that I and our relationship need?" If he's not, then there's a problem.


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  • Honestly, this is where trust comes in. He's shown that he loves you in front of her, and she even said that there was nothing. I know it's hard to date someone who's still friends with their ex, but sometimes, that's all they are, friends. I don't know you or him personally, so I can't predict his actions/feelings, but I can say that you have to trust him. Good luck to both of you.

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