Should I just stop replying since I'm no longer interested?

We were friends and have mutual friends, so it's not like I'm disappearing. It's just very awkward. And I am good at communicating as a matter of fact. It's just that I have yet to find an opening. I want to just not reply to the "shooting the shit" texts. Like if he asks me something or tells me something that warrants a response I will reply but the regular just wanting to talk to you ones I intend to leave. To try to show how I feel. Does this even work?
He rushed things and I said I needed time. Then he continued to rush. And lied. And I'm just annoyed. I know we will have a talk eventually. It's just that I want to not talk or text back right now and it makes me feel bad. So just wanted to see what people had to say about it.

Feels awkward knowing I'm not responding but I feel like I just want to be sure to not give the wrong idea


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  • Yes do not play games

  • Just stop talking to him or tell him straight up.


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