Do bi guys mind sleeping with a girl who needs to shave her legs (not hairy just haven't shaved in a couple days)?

I know this may sound like a strange question but like if a guy is bi and used to being with both guys and girls do they mind? I mean guys have leg hair so do they mind as much as straight guys if a girl needs to shave her legs? I put a poll but if you have feedback I'd like real answers if you don't mind. Maybe this is just stupid and I'm thinking wrong but yeah...

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I swear this wasn't a shout out specifically to bi guys. Anyone else can answer. And i dont mean it as a collectively thing hence why I'm asking for any answers. And i asked it as a question out to bi guys because of the fact that there is the comparison of guys having leg hair vs girls who typically dont...


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  • I'm not bi, but I don't care if she doesn't shave everyday, it's understandable. One week maybe it's too much (in my opinion) but 3-4 days is fine, it's not like she gets super hairy in just 4 days.


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  • Well, I'm bi, so I should be able to answer this, lol... ^ . ^'
    I can kinda see what u mean and why u'd think so, but the answer to ur question can be tricky. o__O Bi guys might have certain types of girls and guys that they like, but it doesn't necessarily mean there is any overlap between them; they might like some traits in guys but dislike them in girls. Think of it also this way: a bi guy might simply expect his male partners to be smooth, cuz they're used to that with girls (kinda the reverse situation of ur question). :o So, that's why I'm not really sure if bi guys in general are any different than straight guys on this... x__X

    Personally, I like certain masculine traits in girls, hehe~, but...‚Äč! I'm not really a fan of body hair, on guys or girls. :S That's also why I get rid of mine; I like being smooth myself. :3 But yeah, it's not really a big issue if a girl has some leg hair; I can understand that.

  • why you ask just for bi guys?

    • if anyone else wants to answer that's totally fine. I just thought of bi specifically because of the comparison of guys with leg hair and girls without. Anyone can answer. It's mostly a question of curiosity...

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    • im not bi by the way... xd

    • Lol i figured by the way you questioned it. But straight guys opinions are super helpful too!

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  • Most guys don't care that much, as long as we are yetis, a little stubble or a missed patch isn't a deal breaker.

  • Wait while they let their one collective brain come up with an answer.

    • I dont mean this as a single one brained entity. I'm not just clumping all bi guys together as a single person. maybe I phrased it in a way that didn't satisfy you but I've never been so great at writing. But given that this is a question where many people can answer I was hoping to hear multiple opinions so no I'm not making it one person. I'm leaving it open for anyone to answer to get some opinions not a general concensus

    • Some won't mind, some will. That's genuinely it.

    • Thanks. I figured as much but I just wanted to hear what people had to say.