GUYS: Is it attractive to see a girl who's good with babies? And is it a turn off if she's bad with them?

Do you find it attractive when a girl is good with babies? As in, she would make a good mother/ is nurturing/ cheerful, etc. Is it a total turn off if she's bad with them? Like she's uncomfortable/ doesn't know what to do. Do you ever observe things like this to see if she'll make a good wife/mother of your children?


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  • I do find it a pro when a girl is good with kids.
    I actually think it's cute when a girl is happy, cheerful, and relaxed around kids. Unlike me, I am a total dunce and awkward around small children. I'm the youngest in my extended and close family, so I haven't had much exposure to young children. It's a curse.

    It's not necessarily a turn-off when a girl is uncomfortable around kids. Some times, maternal instincts are learned or observed later in life. I mean, I am terrible with young kids after all. So, I can't say much. haha

    • Haha well thanks for your answer! Yeah, it's certainly a learning process! :)

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  • It's a huge turn on for me because I want to be a father one day, and I want a girl who is parent-material.

    It's not necessarily a turn off if a girl doesn't know how to deal with kids (not everyone is a natural parent, some have to be taught), but it's both a huge turn off for me as well as a deal-breaker if a girl hates kids or doesn't want any.

    • Thanks for your answer!

  • I hate kids. I don't want to have kids either. So it is not a turn off.

    • Haha okay thanks for your answer!

  • I can imagine that is the case yes. Well not attractive maybe...

    • Thanks for your answer :)

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