How can I date with my mum being so anxious?

I told my mum I was meeting a boy (mark) last weekend and going shopping (my idea lol) but my mum said I wasn't allowed bc she doesn't know who he is and it wouldn't be safe? I always end up lying to her because im not allowed to do anything if I tell her! but I want to have a bf that comes over and can get on with my family in the couplr of years!!😂 hiding bfs, nights out etc is so annoying and I know I'm 15 but this is Ireland fs😂 my mum is just so annoying when I'm honest! advice needed!!!


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  • I suppose you can go a place, where you and boyfriend can meet up. Your mum just hangs round to watch you. But doesn;t have to be joining in with you two. why come to some arrangement where all of you are happy. She will be in the vicinity as you, but you will just be in range so she can see you.

    Why don't just ask your mum, if you can invite your boyfriend over dinner one tonight, It will be a good way of parents to get know the boyfriend, and to trust him.

    • or could go to the movies, and your mum sits a couple rows back from you. Its give you and your boyfriend time together. But your mumcan still watch you.

    • there's no boyfriend to ask😂 thanks this helped :)

    • well I can understand your mum. If you hardly know the guy, it can be kind of dangerous. Be careful. Just cause its Ireland, doesn't your complete safe. You are very young, It would be wise for your parents to be around, just case you get into trouble.

  • oh so his name is Mark? thats good to know.


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