So I've been dating this girl but now there is a problem?

so I've been taking to this girl on-line for a little while and she wants to get serious and go on a date but here's the problem now I've seen pictures of her she dont look 18 ... i thought she looked 15 and i showed my friend and he said 13 but i dont wanna turn her down if she really is 18 and just looks young how do i find this out coz if i ask her she will just say she is 18?


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  • Check out her friends. One or two could look younger than their age, but not all. Check her exes, girls will rarely date younger guys. Just do some Facebook stalking.

    • i can't i found her on a dating site and she only has her first name up

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    • ok ill give it a go... i tried kik before but she said she didn't have anything like that hopefully this works

    • If anything, just call her before 3:30 on school days and see how able she is to talk.

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