My boyfriend says he doesn't like me as much anymore?

recently, my boyfriend has told me that he only wants me to come over on the weekends. I was so used to going over like nearly every day that it just came as a shock to me. at first i wanted to respect him, so i told him that i would just go over on the weekends, but the more i thought about it the more i started to wonder if there was a reason behind it. i texted him and we had this whole conversation about it and he ended up saying that he didn't get nervous anymore when he saw me and that he only missed me because i would always say "miss you" when i texted. he said by me not going over it would make him miss me because he really did. i stopped replying because I don't know i was really shocked that he's been feeling this way for so long. i thought we were doing just fine. but apparently he doesn't feel any sparks. what should i do?


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  • seeing the same person everyday creates friction even if its unspoken friction and a guy likes to be able to do certain things on he's own hence why there are such things ans man caves


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  • He never said he didn't like you. He just needs. his space. You're a compliment to his life, but his whole life need not revolve around you.