Because you ain't gonna find wifey at the club?

Here's something I've been trying to figure out for awhile now. Where is the best place for a guy to meet a woman? The obvious answer is at a bar, club, party, whatever. But at the same time, most women I meet at those kind of events, I'm not really looking for much, if you catch my drift.
Let's say you run in to a girl at the grocery store, fellas. You know that if you approach her, she's gonna be way too busy finding herself some comfort food from her last break up for her to dealing with your ass, at that moment.
Ooo! Or maybe we meet you at school. But then, you're probably stressing over the test you have the next day, and you really need to study, right?
Can you help us out, ladies and clue us in as to where y'all have been hiding?


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  • The same women who go to grocery stores, libraries, etc also go to clubs

    You could possibly find wifey At the club but she probably won't be the main one catching attention Bc she's not over there making a scene. But wifey material chicks also enjoy the nightlife too. They just may not be the main ones guys notice Bc they focus on the hoes


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  • What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?

    • I go to comedy shows occasionally, I hit the library every few days, hiking, skating, shooting (usually while hiking; who likes firing down hallways, inside?)
      Um. . . I like to get drunk and dance behind my favorite liquor store from time to time, on the weekends I'm hanging out with my buddies playing d&d, tag boxing, wrestling, terrorizing the neighborhood. . .
      Nothing too out of the ordinary xP

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    • So, would you say it's best to build a relationship with someone based off of common interests and goals?

    • LOL of course! It's fun to learn about new things, but it's nice if you have something to relate to.

  • I guess an online dating site?

    There are also loads of gimmick events, aimed at hooking singles up. At least you can be certain everyone has the same intentions.

    • Dating sites are terrible xD

      I've never been to a singles event type deal before though, so I can't really say much.

    • Lol, I haven't heard great things about dating sites, tbh.

      Yeah, so go with a group of mates. Make a night of it; speed dating or something. In the very least, it'll be a load of fun. There's also the chance you might meet someone you like!

    • Hey, why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
      It's only when we step outside our comfort zones that life truly happens, I think.

  • I would be flattered to be approached at a grocery store. It's unexpected. I would surely blush. At the library also, that might be cool. Because there are hundreds of conversation starters.

  • girls are everywhere so not just the places you mentioned. and just cause she's grocery shopping doesn't mean it's for comfort food maybe she umm... eats? ever thought about that?

    • It's called rhetoric, darlin'. Simply for the sake of conversation :)

  • This is just sad

  • Lol that's it, the places you mentioned and just random girls in public. You may get shot down, but 99.9% of the time, if you approach politely she will be polite.

    • So, let me guess this straight. You're telling me that all we have to do is get active, maybe pick up a few hobbies, and experience a little bit of life and we might find you doing the same thing?

    • Lmao yes. Some guys even meet girls when they're just going for a walk round the block. Just being in public anywhere gives you an opportunity.

    • Huh. Damn. That was very insightful, thank you :)

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  • Don't be a wimp, lol. Yeah, you'll get rejected, but ask a girl out wherever you see her. If she seems interesting, ask. In a coffee shop, walking down the street--just do it. Some will say yes, some will say no, whatever in any case.

    Also go to places where girls do or like things you do or like.

    See a girl, ask her out, that simple. Girls are everywhere.

  • When you are waiting at a line for something is the time to hit on a woman and ask for her number and/or give your number but you have to be quick and persistent.