What do I do ?!?!

I hang around in this group of friends and I started to like this guy so my friend went to him and said that I was liking him and when she asked him what he thought he was like "i don't know". Then the night after we walked home together cause he lived like round the corner. So as we were walking he put his arm around me. Then when we got to my door he was hinting to come in, so he did and stayed till 2am. There was a lot of kissing but nothing else. its been almost a week since this and people have asked him and the answer has still been the same " I don't know ". we still talk on msn and we've joked around about that night. I've made it clear that I want something to happen but he hasn't done anything, what do I do ?!?

this guy is now avoiding me ? what the hell ?


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  • First of all, thanks for your input on my question meganmckee!

    As a guy..when people have asked me if I like so and so I would usually react like the guy you're describing and say I don't know and try to avoid answering the question. It's sort of like a private thing. Some guys, not all, feel insecure or aren't comfortable admitting to having that one special someone they care about to their friends or to someone elses friends. Guys don't want to seem less manly or not as cool around their guy friends.

    It sounds like he has feelings for you especially since you've kissed, talk online, and hung out that night. If he didn't feel some kind of connection he wouldn't have kissed or hung out with you until 2am...unless he's a manwhore and was just looking to get laid.

    I know how hard it is, since I'm kind of going through the same situation (yours is a little different since friends are asking him if he likes you so he already has a hint that you like him), but just go for it and ask him yourself and tell him how you feel about the situation. I know that I'd respect that if a girl did that.

  • I think you should just be straight up and ask him if he likes you or not...put him on the spot..Ur never gonna know till you ask him...and you don't wanna be carried wen he's messing around with you off and on...if he says no, jus move on and carry on with ur life

    • Thank you but I have asked him direct and the answer has been the same "dunno"

      Dunno ? what the hell does that mean :O!!! am I wasting my time here ?

    • I'm not a big fan of playing games, but in this case I'm afraid you have to test him to see if he really likes u, that's the only way now.....jsu hangout woth othet guy friends,...jus try to make him jealous but don't go too far.

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