Guys what would you think if your girlfriend went over to your house to see if everything was ok? would you consider this over reacting? or ok?

I went to my boyfriends house today because I was in the area to see my cousin in the hospital and my boyfriends house is only a block away from it and seeing as how his phone has been going straight to voicemail without ringing at all and I was talking to one of his close friends and his friend asked me where he was so I thought it would be good to just go see if he was home his mom answered and told me he had got picked up by his friends already but to leave a note and she would tell him I stopped by so I just left a note for him do you think this was over reacting? or was it ok? its only been since yesterday that his phones been off and when I talked to him yesterday I asked if I could call him back in an hour cause he was driving then when I called back he was busy tried a half hour later and it didn't even ring just went to voicemail.


Also he has an exam in the morning so I was thinking maybe he just got busy with studying and I know the last time he dropped his phone it just shut off and he had to go fix it and told me he just wasn't good at remembering phone numbers.
I guess what Im mainly getting at is would you consider your girlfriend or boyfriend just going to your house without telling you a big deal? or how would you feel about it?


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  • Sounds like he's avoiding you. Why wouldn't he tell you if he couldn't talk to you or see you? He could contact you on another phone.

    • Thats what I was thinking but then I remembered the last time he broke his phone the something happened and when I finally got a hold of him he said he just had a hard time with remembering phone numbers so he couldn't call since my number was on his phone I know he has an exam in the morning so I thought maybe he just got busy since even his good friend had asked where he was but you could be right guess I will find out since we go to the same school I might see him there

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    • I agree and we did have a way of talking other then the phone but that recently changed cause FB was getting to be to much and there was no point in using it but hopefully I will see him tomorrow

    • But I see what your saying guess I just have to wait and see thanks :)

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