My boyfriends two friends seem to hit on me when my boyfriend and I go to hang out with them?

Whenever my boyfriend and me go to hang out with his two friends they seem to hit on me when he's either not paying attention or has gone to the bathroom I could be wrong about this but the last time we hung out and his two friends came with us the one friend who was friends with me first and was the reason me and my boyfriend saw each other again and ended up dating I had met my current boyfriend through my friend and it was just brief he drove me back home and we talked but I didn't see him again right away because we didn't get each others phone numbers but I thought he was cute a few weeks later my friend asked me to hang out and he brought the same friend who is now my boyfriend with him and we got each others numbers and ended dating after a bit of getting know each other we have been together almost 5 months now and when we last hung out with his two friends one of them asked if he could dance with me for a few mins since we had gone out with them for his friends birthday neither of us thought it was a big deal so we agreed that it was ok when we were dancing his friend said I love you to me and said I was beautiful I just said I sorry I only consider you a friend but thanks for the compliment but he said he likes me and I just told him I don't think of him that way that I am happy with my boyfriend and his other friend when he met me kissed my cheek quickly and told me how beautiful I was I just brushed it off cause I thought maybe he's just being friendly like I said I could be wrong what do you all think? were they just being friendly? and if not should I just mention it to my boyfriend?



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  • Just keep turning them down. It's not so much more you can do. Make it as clear as possible you're not intrested, unless you are :P

    • No I`m not interested in them it just is getting kind of awkward for me I guess :P

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  • You should really use an apostrophe

    • Haha yeah I should but to tired to think about it when I wrote it I guess :P

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