Dating someone you have no intimate feelings for?

Basically what the question is saying...who you date someone you have no form of intimate feeling for but have a friend to friend feeling in hopes that probably one day it will change?

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sorry I meant would*
The person even told you they loved you...would that impact you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would look at why I have no attraction for them beyond friendship and consider whether that is something I could end up changing my opinion on or not. You need to figure out if it is a deal breaker. I do think you can develop an attraction for someone after a few dates once you get to know them. If you already know them on a friendship level, it may be less likely a few dates will change your mind. Also, whether they told me they loved me or not wouldn't help. It might hurt. It might create too much pressure or make me wonder why they had such strong feelings for me already without feeling the same way about them.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If I have no intimate feelings for you, why would I date you? I may be happy being friends. If I felt more I'd approach you about it. Some guys might not.


What Girls Said 2

  • No, if I do not have intimate feelings for someone then I would not be able to date the person. It would be more like fwb, but I'm not into that either.

  • One of my ex's became just an ex after 3 years of just being friends, we never kissed and he kissed me one day and it wasn't great. that's my friend not a boyfriend anymore I wouldn't go out with him and I told him that but he kept pushing.