Why can't I ever keep feelings for long?

any time i like someone itll be going great, im excited, i really want to kiss/ date them. and then when i find out they like me i start getting worried about everything and quickly lose feelings for them quicker than i gained them and i hate it because i generally did like them but suddenly the feelings are gone.

whats wrong with me


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  • Simple, the guys your age have no idea how to talk to women and they talk themselves right out of you liking them.. They haven't realized that love is give and take, and they haven't mastered the art of having some 'mystery' :)


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  • The same thing that is "Wrong with me," sweetie... it is called Cold duck feet of having things get too comfy and cozy and to be moving too fast sometimes and you are not sure if is something you are raring and ready for or Want to be hooked at the hip with at the moment. Since I have been dating again, for I have a husband out in Egypt that I have asked to move on from me, it has happened more than once for me, and even being in this newest relationship, I had been so scared at times, that I blocked him from my phone a few times and even told him "I just want to be friends."
    Whenever you see things are going along like this, you then becoming this fickle pickle and not sure as to how you Feel and Why you are 'Feeling' like this, then go slow with the flow where things don't get so high up there, that it ends up a train wreck and you are left with this New Feeling of: What the heck just happened?"
    Good luck. xx

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