Dating without emotions?

When you don't feel strong emotions, how do you figure out if you should keep seeing someone?

I've read a lot that strong emotions are actually bad, but I'm not sure what people do to know if it's a good idea to keep dating or not. Emotions make decisions easier, though not always for the better.


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  • I kind of think about it this way, if the other person is at least somewhat attractive to you and you think they smell nice then the rest of your decisions should be made from a logical perspective, based on things that actually matter not superficial things. If you have really strong feelings for someone it's often a sign that you are going to have big problems latter because you are no doubt blind to the problems, doesn't mean it can't work but it will be harder.

    Regardless it takes a lot of work and self knowledge to make a happy life, happiness is a state of action not a goal you reach. That's my take on it anyway.

    Logic is virtue is happiness.

    • How does a person know which logical matters are important to them, though?

    • That's what self knowledge is for.

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  • It depends on what you are dating for. If you are dating for stability you don't need the emotional piece and if you are dating for love you do.

    • Love isn't an emotion, though.

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    • Do you think most lasting relationships involve mutual emotional love?

    • What I think does not matter.

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  • If started dating then it's normal, but if you two were dating since long without emotion I would consider to call it off, or just see where it goes if you are interested in him physically.

    • The physical attraction can't drive Decisions, either. So, say the attraction is so-so. Enough to make it work, but not so that you crave that person. Then what?