Ladies, help me understand her?

We have been talking for a month now and hanging out when we can since we live in different cities which is not far but still apart.. We talk on the phone daily and 2 days ago I brought up where she wants to go with this.. I was thinking it was going somewhere more than friends or was hoping anyways. But last night she kept saying she wasn't good with this conversation and not being very clear.. So I basically implied that we just keep doing what we're doing and go from there and when she's ready she can bring up the conversation again. But when I said we basically are friends with benefits right now and that we do our own thing she was kinda hesitant and said that friends with benefits don't make plans and talk on the phone everyday.. Then I replied saying I don't mind going forward with what we have going on and I was just trying to clear things up so one of us don't get pissed off or hurt.. Soon after I said that she still didn't give a clear answer and quickly changed the topic.. Wth do I do? I'm not going to lie I'm catching feelings and I'm not sure if I should start dodging her or what.. We have plans for this weekend and soon for my birthday weekend


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  • Quickly lose the feelings. She's unsure of what she wants If she doesn't want friends with benefits or admit to wanting a real relationship with you. she may be scared. talk casually and maybe bring it up again when y'all go out. those types of topics are better to be discussed in public and face to face.

  • If she is blowing hot and cold you should cut her loose. Or in the end you'll be hurt


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