What makes a date a date?

What makes it a date? i've been thinking about this for a while , i hung out with this girl on 4 different occasions , just the two of us till late at night , we didn't kiss or anything but we did hug and we usually touch a lot when walking and sometimes share our dessert or food... i mean we have fun together is this a date or what? i've never told her " i want to ask you our " or " i want to ask you on a date with me" , so i am kinda confused here, to me it was somekind of a date and iam pretty sure she feels the same but is this feeling right or not? how would you describe a date?


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  • The definition of "dates" has changed over the years, including person by person. For instance, your situation in the past would easily be defined as dating. However, today's day is different and allowing more girl/guy friendshipping, so it's hard to know if you're by definition "dating" unless you've talked it over.
    You can do one of two things:
    1) use the words "I want to ask you out on a real date" and then make it official or
    2) Ask her about her take on your "hanging out", if she thinks they're dates. If you both agree, then they are. If not, then it's the perfect opportunity to pull #1 ("Well, then can I take you out on a date?")


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