Seeing my Ex- boyfriend intimately again... what does he want?

I dated my ex for 4 years we met in high school and were inseparable. Now we are finishing college. We had a bond like no one i had ever met. He went on all family vacations and was close with my family and I with his. We had a falling out and broke up... he didn't waste a second and was already hooking up with girls. I was very hurt and just cut ties with him. I went abroad and dated a few men but always missed my Ex. 8 months later I returned home and we re-connected and talked about our breakup and realized it was all a big misunderstanding.. he said he missed me, but realized being apart was good in the sense that he got to experience other things alone and dated many girls but always ended it bc he did not connect with them. He feared he would never find what he had with me again. Now he has been texting me to make plans or to see me almost everyday. we saw a movie and he asked me to come close to him, as he put his arm around be and was caressing my arm and softly kissing my forehead. I am not sure what is going on... says he doesn't want to make things complicated. I told him we can take things one day at a time. What do you think he wants from this?


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  • Same thing he has always wanted. Sex.


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