I'm never good enough.

This is breaking my heart.
Me and this guy met in November. We were going on dates, and we had sex. He just he got out of a 7 year relationship a month before. In the beginning he even said "but I'd like to be with you aside from the sex is what you fail to realize" He texted me every day, told me he likes me a lot. We would hang out without having sex. He talked about meeting parents and maybe taking me to his best friend's wedding in May. He always holds my hand, and he called me his girlfriend to the waitress at one restaurant. When I was studying at Starbucks one night he came out to see me, no sex. one day he was acting distant and I went crazy texting him 50 times. he told me he was done. we went a week without talking and then we grabbed lunch 2 weeks ago. he paid, and we didn't have sex. The next day I invited him to my new years eve party, and he declined. he then told me he's not looking for a relationship. I asked him if there were feelings and he said "I did have feelings" and he said "Idk what I want and I dont want to lead you on." Then I asked if this was my fault and he said "it definitely isn't you" Then we ended up talking about meeting up to have sex and hang out. Before we met up he seemed hesitant and told me that he doesn’t want me throwing this in his face that all he wanted from me was sex. He also told me he doesn’t want me thinking this is anything more than what it is. We ended up meeting up to have sex and then we went to lunch. During lunch he said “you’re the best." Last week I asked him if he wanted to meet up to have sex and he said "can't have class" then I said "when can you" he said "idk shay in class can't talk" then I asked if he still wanted to have sex in general, and he didn't answer. Hours later I apologized for asking and he said "it's ok babe.” That was 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Did he even care about me? Did he have any feelings for me?


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  • It seems like he is wanting a very mature relationship, one that grows and develops over time
    but he became unsure of that, he needs time after 7 years of dating one woman,
    he undoubtedly cares about you but he maybe hesitant to commit

    personally it seems like you both made sex too much of a big deal...
    and what i mean by that is that its not something that should be brought up it should happen organically


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  • so you and him never made things officialy? you 2 never reached the exclusive title of boyfriend-girlfriend?


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  • ofcourse he has not he has already told you dat he is after after your body sex not caring you my lady be wise

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