Can't understand what my girlfriend is thinking?

We are long distance right now and can't really see each other. I've expressed some insecurity with trust because her behavior is kind of off. She's always sort of been like this.. just a cold fish who has a hard time showing affection or feelings.

She won't text me a lot maybe 2 to 4 days it's random. I try to keep it at 50/50. She used to come over and cry when she would leave because we couldn't see each other. I didn't talk to her for a week she accused me of being unfaithful and saying I don't care about her. Then said she was fine.

she's dropping everything to come live with me and said this is all she wants but I don't get the almost contact thing. Used to girls all over me texting me non stop.

Didn't get too many answers.


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  • I agree with the other commenter, if she's always been like this with texting then I wouldn't worry. It's only natural in the first few weeks of being with someone that your texting might be extremely regular, but once the 'honeymoon phase' has worn off, it's normal for you not to be texting all the time. Some girls do like that, yes, but others don't. Just as some guys I've dated text all the time and others not so much. It's all about finding a balance that you're both happy with. If it's something that does get to you, especially as you're long distance, then maybe mention it. Just say I do really miss you when we don't text as much, and I'm sure she'll make an effort as it seems she really loves you!

  • If she's always been like this, I wouldn't worry. And you're smart to try to keep the communication 50/50. Try to take turns with who initiates a conversation. I know a few girls who don't text their bfs all the time because that's just normal to them. If the gaps between responses keep getting longer and longer, you should be worried. But for now, I'd say you're fine. Everyone is different. Would you please look at mine? Thanks!


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