Guys & Girls - is this normal at the beginning of a crush?

Okay so I've had this crush on this guy for about three months. At the start we'd always make eye contact and he'd always look at me and I'd look at him... etc... but both of us were too shy to speak to each other. Then... after a while it became obvious that we liked each other and things kind of went downhill from there... we stopped looking at each other and we try and avoid each other because it's so awkward... is this normal or is this abnormal? I really like him but when we're around one another we just stare at the ground :s


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  • Keep smiling as you think he knows you like him but he might be picking up mixed signals and doesn't want to make a move.


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  • Well normal is whatever you consider normal. It's understandable how you two don't communicate. You are apparently both too shy to speak. Which made it awkward, but now you also know the other likes you --> more awkward. Why not just talk to him one on one, no pressure from others. Say hi every day and try to get more comfortable with eachother, 'cause if you both know you like one another there is nothing to lose right?