How can I like myself? Seriously?

Been dumped two times buy two guys who weren't into me the was I was into them...

They eventually left me for there preference... and hot girls apparently...

Anyway I don't like myself for my look and who I am... how can I love myself? I like how other girls look they are soo pretty... especially girls on tv... i hate looking at myself in the mirrior...

I have crazy things going on in my head... my fist bf left me for a Megan fox girl... my second bf wasn't into me he had a thing for blondes girl like Britney spears..

All I do is google Megan fox& Britney spears an see that I got dumped for there looks...

I really want to love/like myself once I used too before I dated...
I try to accept myself but for some reason I can't...


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  • Pick something you like about yourself and blow it out of proportion. That should be a good start.


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  • Stop being superficial and devolop and nurture traits that are worthwhile, beauty is fleeting, being interesting is a much better selling point.

  • Like yourself because YOU ARE YOU! You don't need ANY GUY OR ANYONE to define your self-worth EVER!!!


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  • What kind of guys were they? Because i dated a lot of superficial guys who were only interested in looks. And they were such douche bags. You're not ugly. Maybe try a different type of guy... ones that aren't douchey. Try and join things you like, or find hobbies you like. You'll help out your confidence and if you meet a guy with the same interests and is interested in you, its so much better.