Feel like my girlfriend is broken right now?

Says she's fine but we can't see each other right now Because of her parents. Been like this for a while. She would cry everytime she left my house. Said she's never been this happy in her life and only I can do that to her.

We're moving in together soon and she's choosing me over her family can tell it's killing her. I always ask her what her parents are saying is there a lot of pressure at home etc . She says she's fine and everything is good.

Not putting any pressure on her about the choice and have her every option to back out. I don't know how to help her. She shuts down and kind of shuts me out right now. last thing I want to so is bombard her with text and calls.

was giving her space and she accused. me of not caring so I don't know.
Looking for more answera


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  • Have you ever talked with her openly? In your mind, you are giving space, but does she know it?
    I think communication is important. You can't help her in this way. Be open. Say her she has to decide. No need to get offended. I personally think it is not great to choose one over another. They are her family, forever.
    She has to find a mid way. And she has to keep her self cool.
    Be with her when she needs.

    • I have talked to her openly she says she's fine.

    • She is feeling confused. Put yourself into her shoes, it is not easy decision at all.

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  • I would just tell her that your there for her and that she can talk to you about.. Maybe try to make a deal with her cause my boyfriend and i makemake deals a lot whwhen we're down.. but most of all just tell her your thethere for her and even if you feel like she's shutting you out just keep being there cause thats wawhat she wants the most


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  • Wow... you may need to give her some space. Be aware that she might back out on you. She's clearly torn right now.

    • I really doubt she's backing out I have literally offered her dozens of times saying we don't have to do this.. we can continue this later our life I don't want you to feel pressured from me. She's willing to go anywhere with me leave everything.

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    • can't even see her without her sneaking around for more than two hours.. don't think we can do that as of right now. Just don't know how to help her.

    • Looks like you guys will have to focus on moving in... patience will be required. Sorry... no easy answers here. Perhaps a mutual female friend could help her with her feelings?

  • Keep reminding her here and there that if she wants to open up you are available.

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