Should I wait for my boyfriend to be done class today so I can talk t him?

Ok so its been almost two days now and my boyfriends phone keeps going straight to voicemail without even ringing and we go to the same school so I was thinking instead of just waiting around for him to get ahold of me since its already been a day without hearing from him if I should just wait for him after school today I have a good idea of when he gets out of class and I`m just feeling like it could be a good idea that way I can just get to talking to him to see what is going on what do you all think? should I wait so I can talk to him after school? or should I wait for him to call/text me?


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  • No I should just wait for him to call/text me
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  • Was there anything that happened that caused him not to talk to you?

    • The only thing i can think of is he has an exam today and he said he felt like he wouldn't get any of the work done for it if I was around cause he would get distracted by my and that he knew himself well enough to know he needed to work on it first

    • In that case, I don't think their is anything to worry about. He's just trying to focus on his exam.

    • Yeah I guess so it would just be nice if he said he planned on turning his phone off till the exam is done today then turning it on again after

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