Not dating because of embarrased of where I live?

I can never bring myself to start a relationship because I'm extremly embarrased of where I live. I'm currently living at the family home, and my family is completly different to me. I Like things new and clean and tidy and the house is not. It's horrible. I wish I could move out but I can't afford too. I'm too embarrassed to even think of bringing a girl to the house, and it's stopping me from getting into relationships. therefore I feel my life at the moment has stalled completely.
Anyone else like this?


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  • When getting into a Real Relationship with someone, with getting to know her, nursing and nurturing this 'Start of a relationship,' you will find out just What kind of girl you are wheeling and dealing with and whether or Not she is More High Maintenance or Doesn't mind your own Family No 'Maintenance' With------I'm extremely embarrassed of where I live.
    No one says you have to bring her home right away to Sunday dinner. First find out where you stand with you both before you decide she Might or Might not be this kind of girl who could give a whirl and just love you Unconditionally and Accept you for you and not just for the roof you reside with that rides overhead.
    When I was 15, I had a boyfriend who was a very special guy. His family didn't have a lot of money, his bathroom consisted of more or less an 'Out house' and his house looked like something from the Hatfields and McCoys. However, with being the kind of girl I am and always have been, I accepted him for what he was made up of and Not What----His house was made of. This probably even explains that even going over to Egypt where I still have a husband who lives out in Egypt. His huge family house was out in a small primitive village, where many times we lost internet, water, electric and with every meal, we sat at a table on the floor eating duck, pigeon and chicken.
    Good luck. xx

    • That was a choice you made. People live like that regularly and don't complain. They make do. Would you believe that in the UK, there are streets which lose their electricity for several hours. We experienced this recently and had no internet, electricity or heating and of course, couldn't cook a hot meal after work... we HAD to make do. This is life for more than half of the globe. It's 1% who are trillionaires/billionaires -gaining riches on ou losses...

    • It's called Unconditional love... yes, a choice you make.

    • In the future, TrulyPink28.. feel free to comment on the subject at hand, no ton my own stand, shokran.

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  • I can understand you, a person's home is very personal and when you don't feel like it reflects you or what you want to be its hard to let people in* literally.. And tho I'm happy and comfortable in my home I've dated a guy who had the same fear as yours, and I don't pretend to understand what your housing situation is, I just want to say that a girl who cares for you can see past it. Who you are to a girl should not change once she sees the circumstances you're coming from. Don't be too scared to dare and go for what you want!

  • Your 25, why aren't you living out of your family home?

    • Read above!

    • I stand by what I say He's 25. Why can't you find a job in order to save for an apartment? You can't afford because he isn't doing something about it. If it means moving away from home and living in a hostel temporarily until you save enough money (do anything - grave digging, toilet/bathroom cleaning, au pair, babysitting! Just do it!) Then move. If you are shamed to do something of those options, then, I don't know what else will get you out of your rut. In a year, you could be dating people, but you have to work towards that goal, not moan and expect things to change by themselves. ACT.

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  • I live at home as well, and even have some stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. I've brought some girls over, and they thought it was awesome.

    I have the same problem, though. I love tossing old things I don't use anymore, but my family tends to keep their old stuff around a lot. One reason I can't wait to move out.

    • You're 23, save and move out! There is nothing stopping you unless you are stopping yourself. You may be very cosy at home and love to be 'taken care of.'

    • Yeah, except I'm finishing school. I lived away from home for 3 years and had to come home thanks to crippling debt. Moving home was painful after how much I loved being on my own. My federal loans maxed out, so I have to pay out of pocket. Not to mention, I live close enough to school that renting an apartment makes zero sense.

      I had an internship that just ended and an interview coming up as an electrical distribution engineer for an energy company, or a electrical/computer engineer for a robotics company. With either of those jobs, I would be able to pay off all of my loans in a little over a year. While many of my peers would be working 3 jobs to afford rent and school payments, I would have a steady, secure, fulfilling, and well-paying job with my school loans behind me.

      What you call "failure to launch" I call "sensible economic choices".