How do I know if he's loyal or cheating?

I'm in a relationship with this guy right and he says all these people he calls 'babe' and 'baby' his "cousins" and I'm not sure weather to beleive him or not..

In person he calls basically everyone sweatheart.. Especially male family members lol


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  • That's not normal. But hey, if he's calling his male family members sweetheart, maybe it's normal for him.

    • Yeah.. :/ I don't know

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  • If he hasn't given you solid reasons to suspect him of it, you shouldn't be worried about it. If you're in a relationship, there has to be trust.

    • Well i read a message from one of these "cousins" and lets just say.. I don't talk to cousins or even friends the way she was talking to him.. I'm not sure if he talks like that back.. Bc i didn't get to read that much..

      Lets just say he deletes like all his messages..

      And to be clear i thought it was only fair since he went through lots of my messages and got upset about some guy i talked to in 2013 and not since

    • See now that's a little bit of a different story.
      If he isn't cheating on you, he's certainly planning on being with a few other women sometime in the maybe-near future.

    • I just hope he doesn't actually be with anyone else.. :( his past relationships.. Lets say i wouldn't call relationships from what he's told me., i think i'm the only non bitch slut he's been with.. :/ if that makes sense

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  • You won't know til he messes up. Why not ask these people if they're really actually related. Super easy way to clear that all up.

    • If i knew her last name i'd be on it.. But since i don't.. I needa get my hands on his phone again.. :/ but since then he seems to be a little more attached at the same time as less attached..

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