Why if I don't text him he complains but when I do he aswer monosyllabic?

So, we recently started some kind of an unidentified relationship. He is away since Christmas, and is hard to keep it with the distance. He is coming in early February . We already have sex. So, sometimes sext because of the distance. And at some point he was like being irritated, so I stopped texting him. Some days later he ask me why did I stopped texting him... And we texted again, but I get tired of him being monosyllabic. So stopped texting him, and then happened again, he saying if I don't want him anymore... And him being monosyllabic. Is starting to break my nervs. Why the hell is he like that? If I don't talk to him he complains, but if I do, is like if he is not into it.


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  • I don't know, that sounds odd

    Do you 2 not have anything to talk about? Maybe u should just ask him

    • Actually, when I asked him once, he says he sometimes feel overwhelmed by Whatsapp (?) why complain about it if I don't text him? I'm trying to respect his space, but when I do he complains... Besides I don't like to be the one who has to keep the chat going.

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    • Nah, i think I've heard of it, i just don't use it lol

    • I think you should just let him kno ur not going to keep up the chat if he doesn't respond

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