I still have not heard from him. Is he just trying to play cool?

Been dating guy casually for few weeks now; all been good. At the end of our last date he hinted that he wanted to come over to my place soon for movie night. I told him I would let him know. So Earlier today I texted and told him he could come over my house either tonight or tomorrow and his response was something like "I'll let you know when I can go by" still haven't heard from him and it's already past 8pm. Has he lost interest or should I give it alittle more time?

Any guys takes on this?


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  • he's prob busy, tell him you'd rather do it at X time and if he can't make it tonight you will just see him some other time. That way if he doesn't reply within your time limit you know not to wait

    • So I never ended up saying anything after he told me he'd let me know... I just waited to see if he'd actually follow up and he didn't. It's the end of the weekend now so I'm assuming he lost interest? So confused

    • Yea it sounds like he lost interest, oh well on to the next one.

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