Do you think he still thinks about me?

This is an "almost dated" situation. We both told each other we really like each other. We'd cuddle and get drinks and watch movies. He'd always give me little forehead kisses and play with my hands and hair. He said he wanted to take me out to dinner.

Then, I just never heard from him again. I've been heartbroken. I did text him and said hey :). Hey just replied, hey ya (I didn't answer because obviously that sounds like he doesn't want to talk)

All the while, he still continued to like my pics on Instagram. I unfollowed him.

I want to know what was going on in his mind...

We haven't seen each other in I guess 4 months


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  • Don't make too much of the "almost dated" factor, in your mind you almost dated, not in his mind.

    Did you put out while seeing him?

    • yes. i hadn't had sex for 3 years and he was llike we can for just 10 seconds , we were really horny from cuddling and we did we only had sex for a few mins

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    • Was there anymore attempts made by him for more sex?

    • no, the day after i told him how i felt about it that it probably wasn't a good idea. and he said i feel the same way, if we have sex again it probably wouldn't work.

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  • In these cases where it isn't really obvious, unless the other person ultimately makes a move you should just assume they are uninterested. Less heartbreak that way, and if he does make a move you will be pleasantly surprised instead of being disappointed if he doesn't.


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  • It's obvious he still wanted to keep in touch or else he wouldn't of texted you or like any of your IG pics.

    • I don't know... he didn't text me at all for so long

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    • what if i sent him an "miss you" txt?

    • If what you want is to find out if HE cares you must first see for yourself if whether or not he makes an effort to communicate with you first. But i would lay off the I MISS YOU and just stick with the hey how are you.

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