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Hey! Okay so I have liked one of my friends for a while and I'm not sure if he likes me back. Sometimes he acts like he does and sometimes he completely ignores me. He stares at me a lot and when I talk to him he can't look me in the eyes and when/if he does, his face turns bright red and he stutters a little bit. One time he was acting like he was mad at me and wouldn't tell me why so we got in an argument. But then, I saw him in person and he was being really sweet and nice and was talking to me like nothing happened. And whenever I mention another guy, he gets upset and I think a little jealous. And then other times he says I'm a bit*h and a h*e and stuff (I can't tell if he's kidding or not) So in your opinion, does he like me? Sorry it's so long and such a cliche question but any insight you can offer will help a lot! Thanks x


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  • I think he probably does but he's too shy/scared to let you know his feelings. Perhaps show him that you also like him so you could see his reaction :)

    • I actually did tell him before (this is what started the argument) because he was acting bipolar and I got annoyed and blew up on him. I never really gave him a chance to tell me what he thought.

    • ohh I see! I think you should take a chance and face him again :) if your friendship was strong, than if he doesn't like you, you guys will still be friends most likely. Chances are that he likes you too though so have a talk with him :)

    • Okay thank you :) I'll try to talk to him about it again

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