I have trust issues because of my past. How do I get over this?

When I was 15 my first bf cheated on me. He never took me out and would only invite me over. Years later I met a guy who would fool around with me and then laugh at me when I asked him out. He later planned a date with me then cancelled it to go back to his ex. Then a year later I met a guy k really hit it off with. I got paranoid when my mom got sick and he took it the wrong way and ended things with me. 3 months later he dated my friend of 14 years and told me I had meant nothing to him. How do I get over this? I'm scared of relationships because I can't handle how I get treated. What's wrong with me?

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  • Your dating track record sounds like mine, you just have to have faith. If you don't allow yourself to be open, you'll never find anyone. I'm saying that, just as much to me, as I am you.

    • Thanks, I'm getting really depressed about it.

    • You can use your pat relationships to learn what you don't want and how to set boundaries that you can live with, if you meet someone who's a boundary pusher let them walk. Have more respect for yourself and you will know when the right person comes along. Being open to it is key, love and relationships are about putting yourself out there and sometimes we get hurt. Allowing your heart to remain open and having faith that it can happen will allow it to flow into your life. Being a complete person aside of a significant other and when it comes to trust, you will be ready with the right person who also earns that trust from you.

    • Thanks

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