What should I do about my bestie crush?

I have a crush on a guy I like, and we are besties... he has a girl but he's a bit of a flirt. He even goes as far as to kiss and cuddle when we are online. I feel bad about it I like him a bit too much. How do I stop feeling attracted to him. We both have PTSD and are a bit antisocial. H e gives me a lot of support and I dont get this much kindness from many others/ he doesn't get mad when i call him about nightmares. H e likes talking to me he's a bit protective of his friends ^.^ he also likes being able to touch people although that comes off creepy, haha its not he's just huggy a bit when he isn't being freaked out. I like him and I have no idea what to do about it. He has a girl though and its sooo awkward when he talks about her cause I wanna like her and its cool assuming she's cool, with everything im just afraid he's screwing with me and its not cool. Also I worry that itd ruin his relationship id back off but I dont want to so how do I clarify or distance myself?


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  • I'm sorry but are you saying you both have PTSD? You know what that is right?

    • yes I do, I know its odd please dont judge me

    • PTSD is something people get from being in intense situations such as going to war... no offense but unless you have been in some sort of crazy situtation such as that, you don't have PTSD, and I don't like hearing that word thrown around.

    • I understand that, thank you, I don't feel the need to prove myself. Death or serious illness of a loved one
      War or combat
      Car accidents and plane crashes
      Hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires
      Violent crimes, like a robbery or shooting.
      are all things that can cause this, I am surprised you think its so unimaginable.

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