How do guys tend to respond to surprising gifts from girls?

Say that they don't know each other too well but have good chemistry. and the girl gave guy a thank u gift for a favor he did for her. How would guys feel about the gift and say to girls?


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  • He'd react better than a woman would, usually.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Thanks, thats helpful to know. Not really sure how to reply to his "thanks, thats very sweet of you" yet, as according to the logic of this, i'd b revealing my intentions lol

    • Thanks for MHO, hope the advice helps.

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  • We guys almost love anything for a gift... If it's a a gift we get.. Be sure that we will love it.. I sure would... We would really appreciate it... Probably be happy...

  • I've never been given a gift by a girl I liked, other than food. I would have to say it depends on the gift.

    • Something small but thoughtful?

    • Yes, that would be good.

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  • As long it isn't big or over the top it might be okay.

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