Benefit of this relationship?

I dated a girl for a long time. I changed a lot for the better, cleaned up, showered more, lost weight and became a better person. These habbits carried over after after we broke up. But on the other side, after we broke up my depression relapsed, I started to cut and attempted suicide. My depression lasted for 2 years. I'm bipolar, that's why it lasted so long.

Was it worth it dating her


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  • Not sure what you're asking?

    • Was it worth dating her, I enjoyed our time together but it had some nasty repercussions.

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    • I've been somewhat insecure about dating lately, not knowing if I'm worth her time, self esteem, etc. So questions like this runs through my mind lately. Thank you for answering by the way.

    • You're welcome. Good luck with the new relationship! :)

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  • Any experience with anyone that makes life better, brings joy to your world and changes you in a good way is of course worth it. You need to be glad she came into your life no matter the outcome of breaking up, and continue to look on the bright side. Before you can love anyone you must first learn to live yourself... best of luck to you.

  • you worked on you. you became a better you. now you can learn from your wrongs. use that expierence to perfect on other relationships


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