Would you ask a guy to go to lunch with you if you weren't into him?

So I've known this girl in college for about 3 weeks. There is something about her that just drives me crazy. I'm almost positive she is into me. She has asked me to come study with her at school several times. We have gone to the gym together several times also (I asked her to go the first time and she said she couldn't that day, then a few days later asked me to go with Her). Then after class the other day she asked me to eat lunch together and we did, and had a great time. She always laughs a lot and was showing me pictures of her family and shit. She also told me that at first she thought I was scary cause of my physique (big muscles) but after getting to know me I'm a "teddy bear". She also said after lunch that I'm "doing alright up till now". So what do you guys think based on this? Is she into me?


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  • Just being friendly.

    • Why do you say that? I feel this insane chemistry and sexual tension between us. Every time we are together we make eye contact and just stare into each others eyes. I've never felt like this about a girl. And by the way I'm pretty experienced, it's not like this is a middle school crush. I'm just feeling like this is all new to me, I'm feeling things I never knew I could feel when I'm around her.

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    • Yeah I've just got to ask her or its gunna drive me nuts. Last question I promise. Should I ask her out officially next time I see her? Or should I text her and ask to meet somewhere this weekend?

    • If you want her to understand that it's a date, you have to be clear and direct. Don't ask over text.

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