Does my guy friend/cuddle buddy like me as more than a friend?

So I have this guy friend and we have been friends since last semester. At the end of last semester we started getting really touchy feely with each other. For example, I lay on him on the couch and he rubs my arm or leg, we cuddle while watching tv, he holds my hand to warm it up, and we are always touching in some way. Today at lunch, we were talking about how everyone probably thinks we are dating. He said who cares what they think. I'm not sure what that really means. Is he just a cuddly person or does he want to go out with me? I really like him, but I would be fine with friends or dating because I really like him as a person and value his company, but it would be nice to see where this could go.

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Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to move this whole thing along so we can start going out? That is if you think he likes me like that.
I was asked today if we were dating because "he seemed very protective of me" during class the other day.


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  • He wants the kill... GIVE IT TO HIM!!! In all seriousness though he likes you if you look at him as a good friend and he's not the ugliest motherfucker you've ever seen then give him a shot, I know my cousin is dating this girl way out of his league they were best friends and now they're gonna get married so it could be you like that :)

    • I don't know about marriage, but that sounds great. We are just really weird because we are always touching, talking about people thinking we are dating, and make off hand comments about sex (for example, he told me my bed is too high for sex). Except for the whole kissing and going on dates, we act like a couple. It just seems like we are flirting constantly or we have both accidentally friend zoned each other to the point we are comfortable with anything,

    • Ya he really likes you so if you like him tell him I'm sure he'll be thrilled and you'll be happy you've got a boyfriend you really like :)

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  • sounds like he wanna date you

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