I have a crush on a girl? Not sure how to go about it?

So I have always thought I could be either bisexual or bicurious but the farthest i have gone is just making out with girls.

There is a girl in one of my college classes who I know for sure is bisexual with a preference for men, she's like the hottest girl I have ever seen and i had no idea she was bisexual so I was telling her all about this guy I was dating at the time. The thing is no one knows I am "bisexual or bicurious" so I think she thinks I am straight. But I really like her! How do I go about this?


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  • OK, you know she's bisexual. You are attracted to her. You've lightly experimented before and liked it. Why not just ask her if she is indeed bisexual? Then you can tell her of your experiences and that you would like to expand your experiences with her if she's willing.


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