Okay, I just read "movie at my house" means let's have sex. What do you think?

I read a comment here that said if your love interest says "let's watch a movie at my place", what they really mean is "let's have sex at my place". What say you?

  • Sex!
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  • Dude, they mean let's watch a movie (ok, guy is thinking let's have sex, but he thinks that regardless of what the date is)
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  • A movie
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  • Just show me the answers
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Interesting. Thanks everyone for voting and responding wih the comments. It seems as though we are pretty divided on what it means. My take away, no matter which opinion you have, be aware that your SO's expectation may be different. Communication is a beautiful thing.


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I say it it means movie. Nothing else.

    • What about when you hear it from a guy? Like if a guy you've gone out with a few times and you've made out with asks you to come over to watch a movie, how do you interpret that and what's typically happened?

    • I interpret it as movie. And just the movie happens. I don't care what he thinks it means or how he meant it. Movie means movie. I'm not putting out.

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What Girls Said 2

  • LOL no. this is why people stuff up. because they hear something, hav an idea of what they WANT to hear, and convince themselves that it's actually what the other person meant lmao.

  • I don't know i always thought of it as just a movie. and i think 'coming over to watch a movie' is a cheap way to say you wanna have sex with someone. like if he asked me to come over to his place for dinner than i can believe sex was on his mind but a movie doesn't sound like a romantic way to say it.


What Guys Said 4

  • I thought this was widely understood in dating circles. Especially if you're already regularly making out.

  • Maybe it is a urban thing but generally it means "let's hang out some more somewhere quiet and private."

  • The movie is certain, sex optional but desired.

  • Dude, i've never had a girlfriend in my life but even i know that means sex.