Why haven't I heard from him and should I reach out?

So I finally got the guts to meet up with a guy from Tinder. I had extremely low expectations, as I have done online dating before and never really had any luck. However when we met, there was an immediate spark. We had loads of fun, talked and laughed and drank and kissed, and he asked for my number. 2 days later he asked me out again, so I agreed and we went to a concert. Again it was a lot of fun. We both got pretty drunk and were just being silly and joking around with each other. We kissed a lot and he complimented me on my skills. He told me a lot about his family. He comes from a conservative Christian background but had left the church a few years back. He had work early the next morning, so we had to leave the show a bit early however he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place and that I could sleep in after he left and just leave when I pleased. I knew I wasn't ready to have sex with him yet but I didn't see the harm in sleeping there without having sex. So I went. We had a hilarious cab ride home, me and the taxi driver ended up singing to each other! Lol. Anyway, we were making out in his bed and he stopped and asked if he could be honest with me. He said he wanted to have sex but didn't feel it was the right time. Obviously I was relieved and told him it was totally cool. We went to bed, he kissed me before he left for work in the morning. I made his bed before I left and he texted me later that day saying "sorry we had to leave the show early. I had a great time. Thanks for making my bed! :) you're the best." I replied with "no problem!" And now I haven't heard from him all week. What gives? Is he not interested? Is he embarrassed? Should I reach out or just let it go?

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I also feel like I should add that I have seen he has been online on Tinder. I mean I have too, but it doesn't mean I'm not totally into him because I totally am!


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  • He is probably just as insecure about if you like him or not. He is probably to afraid to contact you, because he is expecting the "It was nice for that one time, but just that one time"-kinda answer from you.
    Contact him!

    • I had already reached out to him before you responded, but you have the best answer! We're going out again tonight. :)

    • Good, I hope you had and will have fun.

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  • I dont see why girls are so hung up on wether you should text first or not. If you want an answer, reach out to him. Guys like being contacted first just as much as girls do

  • He is playing with your head. Sounds like a narcissist. Who brings a girl to his place on the second date.. And on top of that... Doesn't have sex? Sounds like games. That's a child's game. Take it from a guy


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  • After the second date is usually when a guy ghosts in online dating. The first date was an experiment of sorts, to see if there is an attraction. The second date is where things get more personal. It is here where relationships are made or passed up. There may be no real reason he moved on, he just wasn't feeling it. It sucks when we think everything is great and it isn't.

    No use reaching out, if you haven't heard in a week he has moved on to the next. I'm sorry, it sucks a lot. :(

  • Have you attempted to contact him at all? He may just be waiting for you to initiate the convo. He may think you're not interested now. I would message him and see how he responds. Listen to your gut though.

  • He's not Interested he would have reached out to u if he were. He probably was on tinder looking for an actual freak, not a cool girl with sexual boundaries and common interests. Let it go

  • Yeah not into you. Likely chatting to some other chick. It's not you, he obviously was looking for sex an realised it wasn't gonna happen straight away. Despite saying. he was fine with it, guys lie a lot