How to handle your ex/fwb dating someone?

So originally this guy and I were seeing each other but he broke it off cause he didn't want a relationship. A couple sleepovers and drunken cuddles later we were friends with benefits. Then when his friend came to stay I instantly fell for his friend after conversations and my friends with benefits pushing me to pursue his friend. His friend and I fooled around. Now however my friends with benefits is going on a date and I really don't know how I feel, part of me is sad for all the good times and part of me is relieved because he was an agressive psychopath with a drug addiction and repulsed me most of the time. However, I find myself grieving the cute times where he would cuddle me or have me to sleepover and kiss my forehead. I also don't know where things stand with his friend he invited me to watch him play hockey this weekend and we have a lot in common but I just don't know. I've never had an ex before and I've only had one other friends with benefits but that's a whole other story. How does one go about dating again? Do we still stay friends and watch each other date while knowing what we know about our past? How did you guys handle your first ex dating?


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  • It doesn't matter that they are. It has nktbkng to do with you


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