How do girls show interest?

Why does it seem like girls don't show interest. If a girl likes you what are the signs to look for. Out of all the girls I've met no one has treated me differently. I've always wanted to date someone who will also like me. I'm not a fan of the pick someone then convince them to date you attitude. I want my partner and I to have picked each other. I've never felt that kind of chemistry with anyone.- If a girl is interested will she show signs or do I need to pick who I like then try to convince them to date me?-
I'd like it if someone wanted to date me, not have to be convinced to.


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  • From what I've observed in my lifetime, when a girl likes a guy, she's constantly laughing at all his jokes even if they're not funny. And they try to always be physically as close as possible to you.

    • I haven't noticed any of that sort far but thanks for the insight. I just feel as though I'll have to convince someone to date even though I don't like the idea. I'd prefer it to be mutual.

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  • They all do it in their own way... I've had girls be mean as fuck to me in the past that wanted me in the worst way... and just yesterday I had a girl tell me that she thinks about me everyday. Some fight their feelings, others embrace them. Some play tons of games, others are very genuine. There are a lot of characters out there... You just need to learn that and then take each new one as the puzzle box they are.

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