It puts a barrier between me and the crush.

OK, so a good friend of mine has been all over the girl I like lately. (and he has a girlfriend.) I'm pretty sure she doesn't like it; I know her well enough to tell. She'll push him off though, and he just tries again. It is really bothering me and it puts a barrier between me and the crush. Help please!


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  • I'm a woman...

    And it hurts me to say this...But it appears as if I have more 'balls' and 'testosterone' than you do. Not a good look for you sweetie! It's OK to pull your friend to the side and remind him that he's being an Asshole! Check him on it! A woman certainly isn't going to want to be with a guy who has no backbone, especially when it comes to defending her from a creep (especially one who already has a girlfriend.) You may not want her to prejudge you as well, with the hasty cliche "Birds of a feather, flock together." Do you want a woman to single you out, and take notice? Then don't travel with the uniformed group of social retards! Learn to pick and choose your friends wisely. This is what LEADERS do. They do not become FOLLOWERS of monotonous jerks! Women admire a strong leader who can defend them, and make their own decisions. It's admirable! My advice, lose the friend and 'win' the woman! Don't you read comic books?


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  • What the hell do you expect us to do about it for you? Should I show up and beat up your friend?

    Are you really unsure what to do next, or are you just seeking our approval?

    Get some boundaries dude.

    If you do nothing, then your friend will learn that you're a p**** who doesn't give a sh*t about his own girlfriend.

    If you do nothing then your girlfriend will learn that you're a p**** who care about her safety. doesn't

    Perhaps you're worried your buddy will think you're being an insecure wussy who shouldn't worry, but I his opinion of you doesn't matter. Only YOUR opinion of you matters.

    If he's overstepping his boundary, tell him. There's no need to fist fight.

    Just be honest, sincere, and very clear - "Dude, I don't like you being that creepy guy who's all over my girlfriend. Give her space and quit grabbing at her. She doesn't like it, and neither do it." Then leave it at that. Unless he continues.

    If some random dude ignores your girlfriend's personal boundaries, then you'd likely step in and dave her right? Well why would it make a difference is he's your friend or not?

    Step in when it's happening, pull her away, and place yourself between him and her, and say "Hey dude, quit being creepy." If he doesn't get the hint, then take her by the hand and walk away from the situation.

    She'll appreciate that you're not going to let something bad happen to her, and you'll feel better knowing that you stood up for yourself.

    If your buddy doesn't respect your boundaries, once you've made them clear, then he's not your buddy. He's just an asshole. Friend's come and go, so don't get stuck with douchebag friends because you can ALWAYS make new ones.

    Best of luck!

    ~ Robby

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