Should I hear from my boyfriend while he is away?

My boyfriend went on vacation to Florida to surprise his cousin for his birthday. He texted me that he arrived but I haven't heard from him since.
What is the norm? Is it too much to expect at least one text per day.

I am stubborn so I won't text him but after a whole day of not hearing from him I did drunk text him with a sarcastic text.." is your phone broken have nt heard from you,"... I know I very immature. ..
His only response was lol... grr

I will not text him again because I think he should check in

Am I wrong or do I just let it be?


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  • well I've been in this sitution before, and there's a lot of advice on the internet about this kind of scenario.
    I've learned in my 43 years on planet earth, men do not think like women. Your bf is not sitting there thinking, "I should text my bf." They dont think like we do. he's probably having fun, not even knowing how upset you are because you probably did not tell him you wanted to hear from him. You are assuming he should know better and to know he should text you. I assure you he doesn't.
    So I wouldn't really read much into it. You dont want to look clingy. You want him to have a great time. Be the cool gf. Let him be, you might send him a nice casual text like, "hope you are having fun."
    Something like that. But otherwise let it go until he gets back. Believe me Im sure he doesn't even know or understand how much it hurts you.

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