What makes a guy get emotionally attached to a girl?

Is it something she does specifically? A guy recently told me he was getting emotionally attached to me, so I am curious what type of thing just made that happen seemingly out of the blue?


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  • This girl I caught feeling for cause though she play around with everyone she choose be sexual with me. And choose to play around with me a lot and I hurt her feelings a lot so I just thought, he'll she must of like me.

    • To better explain it's the personality the guy is looking for in a girl that body can't help but to fall for her or catch feelings. It could be anything he secretly desires or want out of a girl.

    • That helps a lot. Thank you. I wondered if it was more personality based?

    • It could be. I'm just one guy, there's tons of preferences guys like. Me it's an act she does such as flirting daily, and playing around a lot. Her personality is second base to me.

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